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Capitol Reef National Park

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Biked from Hanksville to Capitol Reef National Park. Beautiful ride, beautiful park. The campground is in the heart of Fruita, which is an historic Mormon town where they grew all kinds of fruit -- some of the orchards are still maintained.



Hike in Capitol Reef


My campsite in Capitol Reef -- I shared it with an Asian guy name Tanwa(sp) - he had his own tent. We split the $20 fee, plus he bought me a PBR.


Grass roots campaign


A nice getaway


My buddy in Hanksville -- and his Australian cattle dog.

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Rock Shop For Sale – Hanksville, UT

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I'm camping in Hanksville, Utah tonight. While out on a walk a stumbled upon this gem of a rock shop - and it's for sale.
Seems like a no-brainer. Everyone loves a rock shop. This one even advertises Indian Artifact. I don't know exactly how many rocks or artifact come with it. But, still, who's in?
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Arches National Park

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Proposed route to California

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Maggie and Ed are veteran bicycle adventurists I met through a bike touring network called Warmshowers. These two allowed me to stay in their Grand Junction home for two nights, eat meals with them and tap them for touring and route ideas. They were amazing hosts and really got me off to a great start. The route to California Ed helped me plan cuts through some spectacular terrain and skirts four national parks in Utah.

map-moab-andbeyonded+maggie2 ed+maggie

Maggie and Ed have biked all over the U.S. and Europe. Last year they toured for six months in Europe. This spring they go back to London to start a three month trek. Amazing.

Two days to Moab

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Left Grand Junction yesterday in the rain. There are no services between Grand Junction and Moab - 100 miles. So I  carried all my food and water for two days --- plus I camped just on the other side of a hill from the road. With an awesome view of an incoming storm. 

(photo 1) The Monument rock formations were surrounded in steam. (photo 2) Mike The Headless Chicken is a legend in Fruita Colorado. (photo 3) The bike packed up.
(photo 4) Drill Baby Drill.
(photo 5) Lunch break on the road.
(photo 6) Lunch in a pot.
(photo 7) Wrapper of lunch.
(photo 8) Camp spot with storm coming.
(photo 9) Hwy 128 to Moab.
clouds mike bike drill dirtroad beens-pot beans tent hwy128