Cold Springs to Carson City

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The last few days have been sunny, breezy, hot.

1. Thurs night --- camped at Cold Springs, NV where I met Joy and Tony. They quit tech jobs in the Bay Area, got rid of everything, and are biking across the US, biking through South America then Europe for a few years - all on their bikes. (Kathy says “ we could do that.”)

2. Friday morning -- near Cold Springs, I met 70yr old Robert, who is biking across the US. He devised a footrest system which allows him to get off his bike. Not as nimble as he once was. A few years ago he got as far as Denver before he ran out of money.

3. Friday night -- I camped in Fallon, NV -- nice sunset.

4. Saturday -- after just a few miles, a million mph headwind stopped me at Lahontan State Park. Where I napped in the shade, by the lake. Camped in this state park near a couple, Tim and Kelly, from Reno. They shared their beer (Coors Lite) with me and told about how they would like to retire as campground hosts at state and national parks around the country. Later, they brought over BBQ chicken and veggies shortly after I had eaten my dinner (the best chicken I've ever had). Lucky I'm always hungry.

5. Sunday -- I bike up to Virginia City, where they were having a big celebration, me too. You know me and street dances. Biked down to Carson City. The guy at the 7-11 said everyone just camps down by the Carson River on Deer Run Road. You have to open the big gate and find a spot. Free. I felt like Chris Farley.

6. Right now I'm in the DD in Carson City. Having a treat and coffee.

[Fun Fact - Jack Rabbits increase and decrease blood-flow to their ears to control their body temperature. They nurse their young for 2-3 days, after which, the young rabbit never sees its mother again. The mother watches its young from a distance to protect them from predators. Talk about helicoptering!]

----- photos are not in date order -- sorry.

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IMG_1048 IMG_1036 IMG_1037 IMG_1039 IMG_1043 IMG_1028

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