Gilligans Island

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A couple weeks ago I was on the Big Island of Hawaii snorkeling, hiking, and attending a wedding. Even though I was hundreds of miles from Honolulu, as I looked out over the Pacific, the thoughts of the Skipper and Gilligan snuck into my mind. I wondered about the three-hour tour and what kind of storm drove them so far off course. Back in Minneapolis I got right to work. It wasn't long before I learned about a tropical storm that hit Hawaii about the same time as the  Minnow left port for the last time. I'm excited to share my research with you.

Island questions
In this graphic three islands are suggested a possible landing spots: Knox, Arno, and Johnston Atoll. Yes, I know they are all populated (or were not long ago). This graphic and these three locations are simply starting points for a more in-depth search for Gilligan's Island.



Details about the 1963 Pacific Tropical Storm Season and Tropical Storm Irah

About the Northern Equatorial Currents

Johnston Atoll and Nuclear Testing

Gilligan's Island's_Island










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