North Shore Ski Trek — 2017 invite

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Hi Trekkers,
The Bearskin Trek is now full and we added the Bearskin Weeknight Trek - check it out below. We would love to have you join us for some amazing skiing in the Northwoods. Registration info below. -- Kathy and Tony Mommsen

FIFTH ANNUAL North Shore Ski Trek

1a. BEARSKIN WEEKNIGHT TREK 2017 (New Trek and space available)
Sun-Wed - March 5-8
Three nights at Bearskin Lodge
$225 - plus a meal to share
Ski right from your lodge onto the legendary trails around Bearskin Lodge. From here you can also ski to the BWCA, or the Banadad Trail. Skiers of all abilities are invited, ski as much or as little as you wish. There will certainly be people who ski at your pace and are fun to talk with. There will be some optional activities like skiing to Golden Eagle Lodge for tea and cookies, an evening star hike (hopefully with Northern Lights) and ski part or all of the Banadad Trail. We also plan on a group dinner/party one evening in Bearskin’s main lodge. This Trek is in conjunction with the North Shore Trek - So we can all ski, share meals and hangout together at Bearskin Lodge.

1. BEARSKIN TREK 2017 (Full)
Wed-Sun - March 8-12
$300 - plus a meal to share

Four nights at Bearskin Lodge

2. NORTH SHORE TREK 2017 (Space available)
Fri-Wed - March 3-8
Five nights - (nearly) point-to-point ski from Tofte to Gunflint Lake
$400 - plus a meal to share
Two nights at Lutsen Sea Villas.
Three nights at Bearskin Lodge.

The skiing

The trail names are famous: Sugarbush, Norpine, Bally Creek, Gunflint, Banadad. And they are famous for a reason. They are beautiful, expertly groomed, well design, full of delightful surprises. Views of Lake Superior, long hills (up and down) rocky cliffs and the long meditative day on the Banadad Trail. With this tour we are piecing together a (nearly) point-to-point adventure. This is both an informal and magnificent tour. While we are experiencing the best trails, scenery and lodges anywhere, the trip leaders will not be holding your hand.

Our original plan of skiing across the BWCA turned out to be too far for one day. So we this year we have two BWCA ski experiences.
1. Two day ski across the BWCA - Dogsleds will haul our gear. (Filled with 8 skiers)
2. One day out and back ski in the BWCA 

Minnesota Ski Pass

Four days of the North Shore Trek will be on trails that require a Minnesota Ski Pass. Skiers can purchase the pass earlier in the winter or the first morning of the trek at a Holiday Gas Station along the North Shore.


The Schedule

Even though we will be trying to ski the entire distance from Tofte to Gunflint Lake, there will be some shuttling.

  • Friday - Early morning drive from from your home to Tofte
  • Friday - ski Picnic Loop - Tofte to Onion River Road - start at noon - sleep at Lutsen Sea Villas
  • Saturday - ski Onion River Road to Bally Creek - lunch at Cascade Lodge- ski Bally Creek to Grade Road - sleep at Lutsen Sea Villas
  • Sunday - Banadad
  • Monday -  BWCA Out and Back  (a group of eight are skiing across the BWCA with dogsled support for Mon-Tues - this is filled)
  • Tuesday - Bearskin Trail (or Upper Gunflint Trails as an option)
  • Wednesday - Morning ski at Bearskin before heading home.

The Mission

We are working toward a true point-to-point trek incorporating the best ski trails in Cook County - for 2017 we are closer to achieving this goal than ever.

Classic Only - Banadad Trail, the trail from Cascade Lodge to Bally Creek, the ski across the BWCA

Skate and Classic - Picnic Loop, Lutsen Road to Cascade Lodge + the trails at Bearkskin Lodge.

If the weather is warm and snow is soft we strongly encourage classic technique to help preserve the ski trails.


Write check to
Kathy Mommsen 

(For the North Shore Trek please sign up by Dec. 1st)
$225 for the Bearskin Weekday Trek
$400 for the North Shore Trek

    1. Name

    2. Mailing address

    3. Email address

    4. Phone number and Cell number

    5. Dietary restrictions

    6. Would you like to car-pool from Mpls/St. Paul to the North Shore?
      Is your car available?
      If so, how many seats?


Each person will be assigned to bring one breakfast or dinner to share with 10 people.

Everyone will bring their own lunches.

North Shore Ski Trek

Kathy and Tony Mommsen

2656 Raleigh Ave South

St Louis Park, MN 55416

Questions to

Trip leaders Kathy and Tony Mommsen

For more photos and info, join the North Shore Trek Facebook group


Bearskin Trek Map
Trails around Bearskin Lodge are the Central Gunflint System


North Shore Trek Map
A point to point ski adventurenorthshore trek.jpg











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